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Thread: Format/partitions/op Systems And Progs

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    Hi.. I am just about to reformat my 80gig maxtor hdd. I will be having me and xp on two partitions and others for data... xp is nfts...obviously me will be fat 32. A couple of things would help me before I do this though. I have asked before one of the questions but forgett the sequence in which to do them.
    First... I will be using xp more than 95% of the time.. Me just cuz some hardware is not recognized by xp... question one then is does it really matter if Me is on c: drive and xp follows on d: drive... Or would it be better to arrange them the other way around?

    Second: When I install my software... some large apps like Premier and after effects etc etc... Where would be the best place to install them..? I had a similar set up before.. I put them into c: drive which was ME but the xp drive seemed to fill up space reall fast, could not understand why...I will mostly be running them under xp but you never know I may want ME one time...... Ok nearly there bear with me, thanks.

    Third.. I was told this but have forgott....The swap file.. I believe I should set this first before I put all my apps on.. Would be handy to have advice again on how to do this.... for both ME drive and xp drive...I only got 1590m memory.

    It is a 700mhz? Amd(t) duron processor.... award bios mo35l processor.
    Any other tweaks would be appreciated and considered.

    If anyone knows of any good deals on memory.. I would like 512 in one stick if poss that would also be handy....
    Thanks for taking the time to read this mine novel lol

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    What hardware is not recognized by XP?

    If you could resolve that problem you wouldn't need ME and this would be much simpler, wouldn't it?
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    First of all why use ME? If you absolutely need anything use Windows 98 Second Edition.

    Could you tell us what hardware you have that won't work with XP? Perhaps there is a solution there and that way you could use XP exclusively.

    Edit: I see clocker just beat me with the same question.

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    You are prob right about the hardware ... I would rather do without me... Its a strange one.. I burnt a load of discs on my old iomega cd writer... they were closed and worked correctly.. installed xp then the burner just broke... Now I got some old plain old cd player in there... But when I run xp it just does not recognize the cd roms that I burnt... says there is no disc in the drive... but ME reads the data just fine.... xp is fine with any other discs.. something to do with Atapi drivers I think.. But you prob right... I should pick up a new burner that xp likes and copy stuff and then just have the one filing system... Just got so used to Me over the yrs lol .

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    I also had a prob one time with xp as well. Cannot remember what caused it at all but all of my nfts partions just one day would not boot... I could see the data there but no matter what I tried I just ended up losing it all... Just run xp for stability .. Hey I should move with the times lol and go for broke ....


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