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Thread: Request invite: templateshares, and/or thor's land

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    I am on many private trackers. Been on the torrent scene for a long time already.

    I'm looking for an invite to

    3: thor's land (ethor)

    Can anyone help me with any of these ?
    Here are some stats about me. (im proud of the first one )

    EDIT: got every thing i neededed. Found 2 by myself CaptanAmerica helped with Thanks!

    I can provide more ratio proofs if needed. I can probably give an invite to if you can help me with any of these.

    Thank you for helping me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arab8Zayed View Post
    All i see is a white page with "~" displayed...damn! Any idea why?

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    682 pm me with ur addy

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    Thanks a lot CaptanAmerica!
    Any one has ethor ?


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