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Thread: Just A Joke

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    There are three guys standing on the roof top of a building. An Australian guy, an Irish guy and American guy.

    The American sais to the Irish "I bet i can jump off the roof, land on the ground, then fly back up"

    The irish guy sais "yeah bull shit go on" So the American guy jumps of, lands on the ground and flies back up.

    The irish guy is amazed and sais "that was amazing how did you do that" The American guy sais "its easy just jump of, land and fly back up.

    The irish guy jumps of the roof and splats on the ground.

    The Australian guy starts laughing and sais to the American guy "Your an ass hole superman!"

    I heard this joke a while ago it might have not whent like that but is pretty much the same Joke

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    Here's another Superman one:

    Superman is flying around one day and sees Wonder Woman sunbathing naked, legs akimbo. He thinks to himself "I could fly down and fuck her faster than a speeding bullet and she would never know". So he does...

    In a matter of seconds he's spent and flies off in a sonic boom.

    Wonder Woman says "What the fuck was that?"

    The Invisible Man replies "I don't know, but I've got a sore Arse!"
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    Wonder if you got that from "hollow man"....


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