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Thread: Downloads On Kazaa

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    can all the downloaded files be 'seen' (not played, seen as in a list of filenames) even after they deleted? if yes, how???

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    Seen where?

    By whom?
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    Seen, recovered, installed, used, Yes!! Nothing is ever really gone till you do a full Govt. wipe. Even then, bits and traces remain. Enough to convict in some cases.

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    If you delete the files, they either have to do some SERIOUS illegal hacking to get into your computer or physically confiscate the computer to 'gather evidence'.

    So as far as seeing deleted files over the internet... no, they basically can't.

    BUT... KL++ will show a list of shared files for a couple minutes even after you've deleted/moved some of those shared files out of your shared folder/s. One way around that is to temporarily disable file sharing or use one of the new organizer programs for Kazaa that moves completed downloads the second they finish.

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    Or you could turn the privacy option on. Then your shared list doesn't show up.

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