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Thread: Xp Tips And Tricks

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    Well i thought about making a post where ALL the xp tips and tricks can be found in one place. Im not that knowledgeable about computers so i thought the whole forum could contribute to this. Hopefully it'll get L337 enuff to get sticked

    Yes... SO POST!!!

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    Tweaking barely improves Speed... it has a high chance or causeing problems than speeding things up.. Dont tweak unless u know what it really does.

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    this one is if you have Nero. I dont know if it work for 6 but it should (for windows XP)

    go to control panel>AdminTools>services and look for IMAPI CD COM service. Right click on it, go properties and under start up type drop down list choose Disabled and when you boot up nero, it should start up faster

    There are alot of things you can disable to make your pc run smoother. I have also disabled the automatic update and that doesnt bother me ne more.

    Just becarefull what you do in there.

    I have a few more tips but ill leave it for others

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    Not really a tip but then again i said im not that much of a comp masta


    Use diskeeper 8.0 or any other good defrag program here is sig:

    Fileiskeeper Professional 8.0.459.0 Full by FOSI.exe
    Length:19665500 Bytes, 19204KB

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    Speed up ur internet
    Sig from sharedholder and this description from sharedholder Thanks man!

    Length:1087040 Bytes,1062KB

    Accelerate Snapshot

    Boosts your connection speed by up to 300%
    Web pages load and display in a flash
    Files download faster saving you lots of time
    No new hardware needed so you save money
    One click settings for simple, fast setup
    Works with all modem and network connections

    Here's how Webroot Accelerate boosts your surfing speed

    Allows you to optimize Windows network registry settings with the help of a user-friendly "acceleration wizard"

    MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) optimizes packet length
    PMTU (Path Maximum Transfer Unit) Auto Discover allow routers to negotiate packet sizes
    Condition of Line options checks data line quality
    RWIN (Receive Window) value maximizes data reception
    NDI Cache Size matches modem type to NWLink protocol
    Set Time To Live (TTL) value specifies how many "hops" your Internet connection will allow and more.


    Up to 300% faster connection speed

    Accelerate speeds up data transfer speeds so web pages display faster and image, music and video file downloads take much less time.

    Increases overall system performance

    Optimizing Windows modem/network settings also maximizes the overall data transfer efficiency of your current hardware so you get more out of the system you have without investing in costly new hardware.

    Accelerates all types of Internet connections

    Accelerate increases data transfer speeds for:

    Dial-up modems
    Cable modems
    DSL modems
    Local area networks (LANs)
    Wizard makes it easy

    Setting up and fine-tuning your computer for optimized network performance is a snap with the Accelerate 2K3 Wizard even if you are not a technically advanced computer user.

    Supports all browsers

    Accelerate works with all popular browsers and Internet utilities

    Why you need Accelerate to boost your Internet speed

    Default Windows systems settings are not configured to transfer data at maximum speeds.
    Hardware upgrades to increase PC performance can be expensive and complicated.
    Broadband connection service is not available in many areas.

    Length:1087040 Bytes,1062KB

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    this is livy's link but i just wanted to support your thread i was hoping for something like this because there are too many xp patches,tweaks,versions,ect...scattered about. link

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    I got this forum from a guy when i was asking a question hey pm me cuz i forgot ur name anywayz go to this site for hardcore troubleshootin on any OS

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    i think this really belongs at the tip section
    [ gs removed the sig, it was 1455.14 KB lol ]

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!

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    Not really a tip juss common knowledge. Ur windows probably does this automatically. To fix buggy ness and MAYBE QUITE possibly make ur comp go faster get all the windows updates that Microsoft releases.

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