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Thread: blackcats invite (req)

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    Does anyone have a spare blackcats invite. if so i can provide great ratios on high level trackers.I really need this site because i recently got a wii and would love to get on this site. I used to be on there but was kicked off a while back when the site was hacked.

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    the site was never hacked since end of 2006.
    so if you don't know what happened, it's because you weren't really using that site.
    so i fail to find reasons to invite someone like you to BCG, because:

    a) 3 posts here, one being this one request
    b) you used the expression "high level trackers"
    c) you were previously a member there and you didn't care to investigate what happened, nor did you login for 2 months on the site prior to its ..... "hacking" as you call it.
    d) if you were active here you'd know there aren't invites around, so you wouldn't make such a useless request.

    have a nice day.
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    You just got Cabalo'ED !!!

    Figured id make a catch phrase lol.

    To the guy requesting I would just close this, take care and good luck on your future endeavors. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlipRising21 View Post
    You just got Cabalo'ED !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cabalo View Post
    b) you used the expression "high level trackers"
    OP, that's a big

    lol@ "hacked" though. That definitely made this thread worth reading. You were so irresponsible with your previous account, that you still think bcg got hacked by a Cd making Company. Next time be a little more involved, so you don't have to come here asking for another invite... And get your facts right so you don't make yourself look like a fool in the eyes of the Senior members.
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    Dupe accts are not to access the BT section either, Thanks


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