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Thread: Looking For These 2 Foreign Films

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    i'm looking for irreversible. i found this movie in kazaa but it wasn't subtitled, i'm not sure what language it was. well, that movie and also "dinner game" which is a french comedic movie, very popular in europe. i couldnt find this in kazaa .

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    I hope you did not delete the movie for most sub-titled movies have a small, seperate file (e.i. srt, sub, smt), which requires you have VOBsub installed. Once installed, the subtitles will be displayed in any player when you open the avi. Both files must have the same name with the exception of the file extension. VOBsub is included with the K-Lite codec pack. Or if you prefer, you can use BS-Player, which can open a subtitle directly.

    Length:733304832 Bytes, 716118KB

    Length:69818 Bytes, 68KB

    ED2K Links:

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    do you happen to have this srt file? cuz i can't seem to get it if you do, could you please send it to me?

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    try usin ga diffrent program to fin dfiles thatt r not on kazaa try using overnet emule or direct connnect when u find ur file pls share it back on kazaa


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