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Thread: Which Usenet provider do you use, and how happy are you with it?

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    Personally I use Newshosting, and I very happy with it. I signed up with them about three years ago when I first started using usenet and just stuck with it. The price is fair and I have never had any issues with them.

    Which one do you use, and how happy are you with it?

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    Giganews. Never had a problem or downtime so I'm happy.

    Their price could be lower but it is pocket money anyway so I don't care.

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    Astraweb + Giganews.

    very happy with them.

    they are the best servers avaliable.
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    Considering switching to astraweb, seems like it gives the most value for the money. Not sure yet, very pleased with newshosting, so if it ain't broke why fix it i guess.

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    free usenet servers

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    hitnews neva had any problems with it and its cheap

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    First used newshosting then switched recently to astraweb.
    Very satisfied with astraweb

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    Easynews, happy with the web interface and the retention on the web interface but not so much with the NNTP access. I have got lots of incomplete using NNTP.

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    Astraweb, no complaints at all.

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