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Thread: Gforce Fx 5200

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    i hardly even used the comp, and the heatsink on my vd card is burning my hand. at least 100 degrees F. wtf? i didn't play any games. i just left it on for like 2 hrs. that's it. why is it so hot? is this normal?

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    It's supposed to be quite hot. Does your computer have any display problems? If not then it's probably normal. There are some manufacturers that have tempurature monitoring software for their cards. Check their web site.

    I would be more concerned if the heatsink was cool. It could be a sign that the generated heat is not being properly transfered from the GPU to the heatsink.

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    Check if the fan on your card is working properly and its not clogged up with dust.

    Its not normal if its burning your hand


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