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Thread: Time For A Little Clarity

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    Time for a little clarity
    Just to provide some clarity here ...

    I was recently once again asked about why we're boycotting the RIAA when what we should be doing is boycotting the membership of the RIAA.

    In fact, that's exactly what we are doing: we're boycotting the RIAA membership, and a quick look at the RIAA directory will tell you who the member labels are and, consequenlty, who's behind the lawsuits and attitude of the RIAA.

    The RIAA is a lobbying group dressed up as a 'trade' organization that acts as a lightning rod to take the heat for the major labels.

    The RIAA acts in behalf of the major labels, not itself, and put even more bluntly, it's nothing but a puppet organization whose strings are pulled by its members. Going after the RIAA is a waste of energy. Going after their members is the way to get their attention.

    If you want to express your displeasure, write the labels and NOT the RIAA, because they don't care ... but the labels DO ! ! !

    Now take a look below to see who gives the marching orders ...

    The Board of Directors of the RIAA is:
    Mitch Bainwol, RIAA
    Thomas Stein, BMG Entertainment
    Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, BMG Entertainment
    Val Azzoli, The Atlantic Group
    Bob Cavallo, Buena Vista Music Group
    Clive Davis, RCA Music Group
    Tracey Edmonds, Edmonds Record Group
    Dick Griffey, Solar Records/J.Hines Co.
    Don Ienner, Sony Music U.S.
    Michele Anthony, Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
    Tom Tyrrell, Sony Music Entertainment, Inc
    Andy Slater, Capitol Records
    Alain Levy, EMI Recorded Music
    David Munns, EMI Recorded Music Worldwide
    Roy Lott, Virgin Records
    Antonio Reid, Arista Records Inc.
    Sylvia Rhone, Elektra Entertainment Group
    Jose Behar, Univision Music Group
    Tom Silverman, Tommy Boy Music
    Roger Ames, Warner Music Group
    David Johnson, Warner Music Group
    Ronnie Dashev, Maverick Recording Company
    Zach Horowitz, Universal Music Group
    Lawrence Kenswil, Universal Music Group
    Mel Lewinter, Universal Music Group


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    I've been boycotting the RIAA for eight years Anyway, I also have a list of all the RIAA members (there's 992 of them) on my website.

    Just in case you wanted to see even more of the bastards behind all this...*shrug*


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