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Thread: Software (full Incl Crakcs)

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    are there any websites which offers full software products with serial or crack. i know this questioms may seems to be bit strange but i am sure there are few sites which offers these types of software. so any suggestions

    EDIT: i am not talking about type sites.

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    It's hard to find sites what offer full softwares and cracks. It's because it's illegal to distribute softwares. Try doing a search on google for warez. U can also try downloading softwares through irc. bittorent can help u too! I've just dowloaded Office 2003 final (i think) with bittorrent.

    Again google it and u'll find something that can help

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    try e-lunatic that is a good site

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    Originally posted by ghost944@15 September 2003 - 17:38
    try e-lunatic that is a good site
    Totally agree!
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    We have a pinned about this. Also please read the rules.


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