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Thread: Best Tweak Prog For Xp

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    i know there are many tweaking programs for XP, i tried tweaknow for Xp which werent that superb anyway i wanna know what tweak programs u guys have used or if u know a good tweaking program for xp then i will be gald if u could post me their links or their info!!!


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    Have you checked out Xteq's X-Setup? Its quite good for all Operating Systems.

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    thanks for replying

    looks very promising but i wana see if there are any others

    any other suggestions

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    WinGuides TweakXP.

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    You have to have .NET framework installed for Neotweak to work.

    MagicTweak was alright.

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    tweak xp pro is an excellent PGR! look into it

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    Xteq's X-Setup is very powerful, and gets updated a lot, unlike many others, it works with a system of plug ins, i wouldnt try it unless your confident with what your doing, plus the interface isnt all that great....if your a gui aesthetics man lol, winguides last time i looked was great

    has anybody got winguides successfully cracked?, i can crack it, but then i cant update it cause it recognises the dodgy key straigt away


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