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Thread: Debate - Both Sides Of Filesharing

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    Hey guys,

    Im currently writing a speech in favor of filesharing (more specifically music - since more people relate to it) Im looking to talk about why filesharing should be alowed and or not allowed to take place. I need both sides of this issue in consise replies. Statistics are HIGHLY encouraged where possible. I thank you in advance for your help.

    I will be posting my final speech for you guys to see when im all done. Thanks!


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    Heres something you could include.

    Filesharers buy more Albums...

    Then go on to show that they are hypocritical, by looking at the Directors of the RIAA here and pointing out that Sony ( 3 Directors on the RIAA) sell the equipment used to fileshare (and virtually invented mp3)....and Warner (2 Directors on the RIAA) is part of TimeWarner... which Promote downloading as part of their ISP (AOL) marketing.

    AOL have their own p2p technology, and surprisingly were not issued anything like the proportion of court orders that it should have had, based as a proportion of the Internet Users it has on its books....

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