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Thread: Emule Downloading Problem

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    Im downloading a file which is 1.33 GB in size, of which i have got 1.06 GB and im
    still downloading it at a good speed too.

    However this is the strange bit, it is not moving from 1.06 GB WTF

    Never had this happen before, any ideas what's up?

    (P.s HD space is not an issue)

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    Is there connectioins?
    Does it say something like "Already got part" or "No needed parts"

    If will need to keep waiting until someone comes on with the part.

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    one of emules "features" is to redownload corrupted parts, unlike kazaa. on one file i had, emule redownload the same bad part at least a dozen times before it got it right.
    look in your server log screen for more info.

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    Cheers for the feedback

    I have movement at last

    No idea why/what the prob was.

    Ive left it running all night, hoping i'd get lucky and i have...well sort of!

    It's now moved from 1.06 to 1.25 but it's so slowwww its untrue |

    At least it's moved i suppose, probably wont finish it till next week

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    eMule, is slow, its not you, jsut slow all the time


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