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Thread: Half-life2 Vs Deusex2 Vs Halo2 Vs Theif3

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    I am with deus ex 2 kick ass fps/rpg
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    Halo 2, hands down. Followed very closely by Half Life 2.

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    omg i completely left Doom3 out to dry
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    Half Life 2, especially with what can hopefully be done with it (i.e. mods )

    Close seconds are Doom 3 and Deus Ex 2: Invisible War.

    Halo and Thief I'm not that into, so they aren't following the pack - They're chasing them

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    It's a toss-up between Half-Life 2 and Deus Ex 2.
    Just can't decide. So I'll have to get both.

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    Yes, what makes me have to decide. They are all different games. Though first person...

    If they were all released in one day and all avalible for me to buy, I'd pick halo 2 without hesitation. Half life 2 would be second for me, and doom 3 comin in last. I like halo 2 because of the good vehichels they have. Thats not the only reason but...

    Half-life 2 I want for the huge enviroment manipulation. You can react with almost anything, and knock over everything it seems... and of course they all have great graphics.

    Halo 2 first for me, I want to see what happens next....

    Half life 2 second, The story wasn't THAT informing in the first one..

    I dunno, my choice will probably be based on the story this time, I really want to see what happens to master chief and cortana.

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    I'd go for Half-Life 2.

    I saw a screenshot on PC Gamers site and I thought it was a real photo, not a screen!

    I'm not sure 'boot t'others though, so I'm being pretty biased.

    I'm interested in what Doom 3 and Thief 3 are like.

    I hope there will be a UT2K4 Thievery mod. The Unreal Tourney one is class... to the extreme!!

    I just luuuuuuuurve unusual mods!!

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    omg i am changing my vote i just downloaded the 30 min video of half-life2 and let me just say

    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    im going with Half life 2 simply put this game will revolutionize the game expierince.if any of you are wondering why the HL2 tech demo movie looks so bright is cuz they turned up all the features and lighting to show off the source engine and DX 9.0 capabilities.but still expect no less from the game itself.the second would be tied with Doom 3 and Deus Ex 2 but im kinda warry of Deus Ex 2 cuz i didn't really like the first part but who knows this game may change my mind.

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    DOOM 3 and id owns all!!! don't forget, they set the standards for fps, and that the first half life game engine was id's. if u haven't seen the latest trailers, pls do urself a favour and do so. but i must say, half life 2 looks promising and definately will have a better story then doom 3. but when it comes to graphics, step outta the way for doom3

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