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Thread: What.CD login issue?

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    I just signed up for today. I got an invite and clicked the link, then registered with a different email address. I confirmed the account in my second email address (the one I registered with), and then I got in and was reading rules. I left my computer for a few hours without logging off, and tried logging in again, and I got that my account was disabled due to inactivity or rule breaking? I haven't done anything yet on except read some rules, so I don't know how that's possible... Also, when I try resetting my password for either email address, it says that the account doesn't exist. Help?

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    possibly because you attained your invite via public giveaway , which im assuming you did ?

    if not go to the irc and ask staff to fix your issues
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    several reasons, chose the applying ones:

    a. dupe account
    b. traded account
    c. account received via a public giveaway
    d. known cheater
    e. some of the above
    f. all of the above

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    maybe they discovered you signup multi-accounts,so they disabled it.
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