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Thread: Creating Psx Back-ups

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    I was wondering how I am to do this. I don't have a clear understanding of it as yet and decided I needed some help. Ok, one of the games I want to back-up is Tales of Destiny. My questions are what should I copy this with (I have Nero Ultra Edition but I've heard great things about Alcohol 120%) and when the image is copied to my HD what should I use to create .bin and .cue files?

    Thank you in advance.

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    If you would just look up a bit, you will see a list of pinned topics. THenyou will see "PSone Backups and Imports". But for your convenience, I'll give you a direct link

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    Actually to the question about making the backups, no tplaying them, although that link is usefull for that. Use clonecd to make the copy, just make it 1:1.

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    Get Alcohol 120% and you will no longer need to ask this question.
    Yes its that easy to use.

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    Thanks alot for the replies guys.

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    most psx games i can burn without any special ways? just from one cd to the other

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    Originally posted by swarnel@16 September 2003 - 08:04
    most psx games i can burn without any special ways? just from one cd to the other
    if you wouldve bothered to read the whole title of the topic, you might of noticed that he wanted to make an image of the CD on his hard drive. There is a big difference between burning and making a CD image.

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    What are the best settings to use in Alcohol 120%?


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