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Thread: Alternatives to file sharing

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    I've used a paid newsgroup service on and off for a few years now and on occasion a torrent. They certainly have some advantages like getting the content to you on the same day or access to early releases. I've finally dumped my news service due to some of the hassles and a lot of junk postings as I discussed in another topic.

    On my off months of newsgroups I use a online video rental service and its such a smoother process than downloading online. I discover much more movies and receive a nice shiny disc in the mail. I can watch in full hd with complete extras and not some crappy mkv rip. Most of them even have their own video streaming service now.

    As for music I've been using one of the subscription based services for free from collecting coke caps. No searching for torrents or dealing with improperly ripped tunes, just instant access to like 4 million songs. There is also software out there that can convert the tracks by speed dubbing into mp3 with tags so you can use wherever you want.

    There are also online game rental sites for when I'm in the mood for that. I'm happy with this setup for my media needs. I'm sure most of you don't care but felt like I need to babble anyway.

    thanks for reading

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    I really need to take some time an input all my coke rewards caps and box lids, since I already have a bag full of them.

    How many points did you need to get that free service and with what service did you sign up?

    And yes I have to agree that subscription services like Netflix are the future of getting content and an excellent way of watching movies.

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    You need 232 points for one month of free Rhapsody. If you drink soda and collect caps from other people you can easily get that amount of points every month. I think coke rewards is going for another year so I'm not sure what will happen after that. I actually wouldn't mind paying the 13 or 15 bucks because I think its that much better than trying to find downloads. Zune pass is the other big one but I will stay with whatever I can currently get for free.

    Rhapsody to go costs a bit more coke points but its not needed if you have something like tunebite. You can dub the songs and dump them on your ipod or whatever you want and they will still work if you cancel the membership.

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    As far as music is concerned there's no free alternative that can beat the sheer volume of songs you can obtain via piracy. This is even more so for videos and the like. If you're at the right site you can get anything you want at top notch quality. Why pay for something when you don't have to.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    I was paying for newsgroups so thats not free either. With my setup I can find older stuff a lot easier. I'm going to still try and get into some good torrent trackers as a backup.

    It is also nice to stay under the radar by obtaining the material by legals means. Bittorent or whatever popular services comes up is always in the spotlight.

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    I was introduced to torrents 5 years ago then progressed to Newsgroups but still have to go back to torents to get older stuff, I do miss Torrentspy though.

    With all the publicity etc about downloading and my near approaching 45th birthday I was thinking of giving it all up for a real hobby, then I had another beer and woke up.

    Bring on the next challenge
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    Well...let see i been told I did everthing backwards I first started with FTP then got sick of them then moved to paid newsgroup services but found them a pain in the ass as to when u seach for was time wasting...but with torrents I just either look in browse and fit it or just do a search and there I go.

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    I used to torrent things but it seemed too dangerous.
    Now I hang out in the Best Buy parking lot and mug people as they exit.

    BTW, I have 23 copies of High School Musical if anyone needs it.
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    I'm already back on the newsgroups. Was about to cry without them.

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