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Thread: Pissed off with ISP

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    I have been with My ISP for 10 years and have unlimited bandwidth, my wife got a call the other day offering to bundle internet,phone and TV for a discount price.

    She asked the caller numerous times if anything would change and she assured her many times that we would not loose our unlimited bandwidth,well guess what ,we now have a cap of 60 gb per month.

    She has been on the phone with their service(What a joke) and all they keep saying is they don't offer unlimited anymore and won't switch it back.

    Another Kicker is i have never used over 80gb a month but when they switched us to 60 per month i magically went up to over 120 gb.

    I know i should just switch ISP's which i will if i don't get my unlimited back, but i just wanted to get this off my chest.

    What a crock

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    Yes I could never understand how they can put you under a contract and make changes without a signature....The only time they seem to care is when the contract has expired and you are not a heavy user...That is the users they want to keep...

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    who are you with?

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    Screw them, get a new one, make sure you fill out any surveys as to why when you leave.

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    Yeah i would say just change your provider. I have never had a problem like that with the provider im with even though they will drop my internet when i use torrents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sassan View Post
    who are you with?

    They said they would get back to us within 5 days ,so if no unlimited back then bye bye

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    I think that ISP's are gonna continue to throttle traffic and increase prices while decreasing your bandwidth/month. It's been happening for a while. Rogers (in Canada) is one of the worst for that.

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    Like i see, your plan must be Performance, isn't? So your bandwith is 60 GB max.

    For a usage overage charge costs $1.50/GB .

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    Tommyboy - this has been a major issue with Bell and how they are sneakily getting people off the unlimited plans. If you check out you'll see the same story over and over daily. i had that same phone call but was able to stop the change intime once i found out that i'd have lost my unlimited.

    I ended up being told to leave though anyways...

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    We canceled the service but was informed we had to give 30 days notice, since then they have called us at least 5 times trying to get us to come back

    we have heard a lot of people are leaving bell just because of the customer service is so bad

    I read dslreports a lot and see everyone complaining about bell.

    Isn't $1.50 a gb ridiculous ,with our new isp its .25 cents
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