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Thread: REQ General & Music Tracker

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    I have been away for a few years now. I used to have accounts with revTT, TL & Pisexy. Is it possible to get theses account back still?

    Anyway currently i have gettorrents and am looking for a better tracker for good D&B. Also a general tracker with movies, tv etc

    Hope someone can help me out


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    Hey Cow.,

    If those accounts were in good standing - quite possible. I'd recommend visiting their IRC channels (support channels if available). Many have been quite reasonable with a close friend of mine whose been making a comeback.


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    do you know what the irc address is for Revtt and TL? I have tried recovering password but it says it does not have my email on the database, so i guess they got deleted for inactivity

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    im not sure about tl but the following is for revtt


    channel: #help

    invite always be free. no trades. remember sharing is caring.
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    I can help u with one STmusic invite. Is a good tracker of music

    Pm me if u want.

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    thanks enviouz, hope they can help me

    just been speaking with RevTT and it seems my account has been deleted and no chance of getting it back
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