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Thread: Would like ScT and / or TT

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    hello guys, this is my second thread. I have obtained some things already. I am still looking for ScT and especially TranceTraffic. I am a real house/trance/techno music fan and therefore I would really like to join TT. Please for once, don't care about the level if you do not use TT because you do not like the music. You can make me very happy with it and maybe I can make you happy aswell. I hate level watchers so here is what I got to offer you for either ScT or TT. Just pick a few and say whether you have ScT or TT:

    music-vids old acc 50gb buffer acc + mail
    elektronik old acc no buffer + mail
    bitmetv new acc + mail
    tehconnection new acc + mail
    scc little buffered acc + mail new acc + mail
    cinematik new acc + mail
    bithq new acc + mail
    tl old acc little buffer + mail

    pm me and help me to obtain TT and ScT. I do not want FTN or all that other stuff. I am going for what I really NEED and WILL USE. SCC and ScT and TL are indeed comparable but I prefer ScT to replace those two. My upload speed is great enough to do so.

    Hope you guys can help me out!
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