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Thread: eMule 0.49c BETA 1

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    To gain more testing of this release, we hand out a Beta version of the coming 0.49c.
    Please read this post for details about beta versions.

    Note: A Beta version will more likely crash than a release, because it doesn't ignores any (even smaller) errors in order to make it possible for us to find and fix them.

    About 0.49c:

    Dear eMule users,
    in the 7th year anno eMule we are once again happy to present you a new version: eMule 0.49c. As the name indicates, this version is mostly a maintance version concentrating on fixing all the problems and bugs you reported, implementing requested improvements and of course keeping Kad updated.
    Out of those many smaller changes, the most noticeable are:

    * Ability to share and unshare single files instead of directories only and also support of Drag&Drop to do so easily
    * Support of new security features on Windows Vista (and partially also XP) to further harden eMule against any possible exploits
    * Automatic recovery of corrupt part.met files by using the backupfiles
    * Kad improvements like automatic search-keyword rearranging (allowing searches like 'an eMule' and also helping to reduce load on busy nodes), avoiding fragmented UDP packets (making it more compatible to zealous firewalls) and other changes
    * Improving UPnP by refreshing the mappings as well as adding Webinterface support
    * And as always fixing bugs and adding other small changes

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    Thk i'll try it...

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    'Automatic recovery of corrupt part.met files by using the backupfiles' this one is great thx for heads up


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