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Thread: How To Set Up My Server For 3 Extra Users?

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    I finally broke down and got a server. I went with
    W2K3 because I'm familiar with the OS. I need to
    find a way to split the cost of the box with some

    I could really use a guide or tutorial on how to set
    the box up for multiple users (there will be 4 total;
    me plus 3 friends).

    Besides myself, I want each user to have their own
    storage space (I have 1.5TB so there is plenty), Firefox,
    and uTorrent.

    I want to be able to have all 4 users be able to use
    uTorrent at the same time.

    Preferred log in method would be Remote Desktop Connection.

    Last Question (Least Important):

    1. Is there any way to have all 4 users on a different ip's with
    only one NIC card?

    Thanks for any replies, I've Googled all over and can't find what
    I'm looking for.


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    with windows you can only have 2 remote desktop users at any one time... limitation of windows...

    if you all have your own copy of utorrent but use different ports you should be all good.

    you can setup folder quotas to limit folder sizes... but if your going in with mates you wont need to worry about that too much..

    as for different ips on the same nic, i dont know sorry

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    I would give them access to uTorrent via the webUI only, and FTP access.

    You can run more then one uTorrent at a time, and even run them as services so if the server needs a reboot you dont need to log in to start uTorrent.

    You just need to give each webui a different port, username and password.

    Here is a guide on now to run more then one utorrent.

    Here is the guide on how to run utorrent as a service.

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    I think VNC is much lighter than Remote Desktop Connection, not sure about the limit though.

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    VNC is much more laggy than RDP

    unless it is a terminal server you cannot have more than 2 RDP sessions at once.


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