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Thread: Million To One Shot

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    Ive got a 'callunacard PCMCIA Type III ATA card' and I plugged it into my mates XP machine and the drivers and everything loaded up just like that worked a dream. However I am running windows 2000 and the drivers dont exist or arent on the windows 2000 setup disk. Please help me guys find the drivers thanx aintgottime

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    Go to the the newest drivers, or go to to windows update..and what do you mean the drivers arent as good on your pc?
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    Right lets just get something sorted now. Im not a noob. If you guys can find a website that works and where the drivers are then you must be a genius!

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    i've never heard of Calluna, but haven't been able to find a site. have they gone out of business? not surprising that WinXP has less trouble installing the card than Win2000, though... WinXP simply comes with a larger, newer selection of drivers on its CD.

    perhaps it might be possible to extract the Calluna driver files from a WinXP CD, or simply copy the ones that are installed on your friend's computer, and then force Win2000 to install them through device manager -> update driver. the WinXP drivers might not work correctly in Win2000... but then again, they MAY work correctly since 2000 & XP are essentially the same system. i think it's worth a try, anyway.


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