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Thread: looking at getting a dedicated

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    okay. so i've been seriously considering getting a dedicated server. i live with 3 other roommates and i think it would be great to free up our home connection from the constant torrent burden i place on it. we also have a website that we use for a couple random things and i think it would be fun to host it on the dedicated server too. i just have a few questions.

    first off, i'm in the united states, so i can't use ovh, or kimsufi. i don't have a very large budget ($40-60USD) either. i'm thinking of going with hosting-ie's Dedicated Rabtor Pro 571 Plus
    the stats look like they will do fine for me:
    Intel . 2,4 GHz
    2x80 GB of HDD disk
    1GB MB of RAM
    Traffic-Unlimited (guaranteed)
    RAID 0/1

    there's just a few posts around here complaining of the up-speeds. is it really that bad, or do they just have really high expectations? i don't expect anything more than say 2-5MB/s up, and i'm not really worried about down speeds.

    next, if i did use hosting-ie, i can choose from a variety of OSs. windows server 2k3, and the linux distros: fedora, centos, suse, debian, ubuntu. i'm currently using WAMP to run my webserver, so i have a little experience with that, but i'd imagine a LAMP setup would be similar. pros/cons with the linux distros or even windows?

    all suggestions welcome, thx.

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    for 50$ you could lease a ovh kimiL 250gig hd 1gig ram
    or for 62$ kimiXL 250gig hd 2gig ram 3ghz HT.

    all depends witch you actually prefer ovh or hosting ie for your server.
    just shoot me a pm if ovh is what you decide on.

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    On Hosting IE u can easily get those 2-5mbps speeds .. The complaints u saw were for gigabit lines which are a overkill in most trackers ..
    The only problem with Hosting IE is the support which is really bad and on top of that they charge u for OS re install etc which is free in OVH
    Also incase u want better service and support but with limited traffic u can check out Leaseweb ..

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    i would advice you to go with ovh for torrenting,use a reseller from here or something.... speeds like 10 mb/s upload are easyly to obtain


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