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Thread: Kazaa And The Music Industry And Such

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    How do the feds and record companies find out who's downloading files? I don't see how they find out where you live if you don't respond to messages and such?

    I don't know. I just don't get it. how do they find people? I don't download music so will they not go after people as long as they don't download music?

    please help a brother out.

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    so as long as i don't download songs, or have any songs in my shared folder and hide my files from being viewed i should be safe?

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    well i'm not sharing files, i removed all downloaded files from my shared folder, and i think i have it stopping people from viewing files in my shared folder, not that they could see any when i just removed them all. anyways.... i hope that does some good, probly not though.... well i don't listen to music so as long as i don't download none i should be safe.

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    If there is no organisation in your country sueing ppl then don't bother with the subject and share as many files as you can...

    If there IS an organisation however, I think you can still share the files, with the "privacy patch" on, I'm sure you can find more details on that already discussed in some other threads.

    If everyone stops sharing because of that, what will be left to download ? (well, I guess that's not gonna help much though if everyone's arrested too )

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    i live in the u.s. so i guess i do have to watch whats done.. I only download things that i need for college, not songs and movies and such buy like programs I need for a class to do homework projects at home. Cds originally costed more than cassettes to pay off the price of new machines to make cd's. The price was supposed to drop after a couple years. Now they are increasing the costs to like $19 for pure greed. cd's cost very little to make, if they wern't so cheap to make you wouldn't be able to buy a 100pk of cdr's for $30. If cd's were more reasonable and priced about $8-9 people would buy more and that should be the price for cd's because they are so cheap to make. And if the cd's were more reasonably priced we would have all these lawsuits and such!


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