My apologies if this is a newb question, I only started on Usenet yesterday and have hit a bit of a snag (I did a search but was unsuccessful).

I was downloading a rather large file (50+ gig) which was split up into many batches.

I was attempting to use Windows XP "Task Scheduler" to schedule the task at a specific time of night since I am allowed greater download limits at this time.

I changed Grabit settings so that the prompts to save and auto restart batches were turned off (this would happen automatically), and the "auto save batch" is set to 5 minutes.

After the task scheduler worked wonderfully, I opened up grabit again and all my batches were gone I can find the 10+ gig of files I have already downloaded which were in a Grabit folder in "My Documents", but If i go to Newzbin and create the .nzb file again it just restarts it.

Can I please have some assistance in possibly resuming these batches? Or do I have to begin downloading from the beginning?

I am using Grabit 1.7.2 Beta 3 (if you require further information please let me know)

Also, if Task Scheduler is not the most prudent method to start/stop Grabit can anyone recommend an alternative?

Thankyou for your help!