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Thread: Play Ps2 Games On Pc

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    hey people...

    i download the grand theft auto from irc but there is so many files but no iso or a bin file...and i do have an emulator but i dun not how to burn this as the file formats are in some funny extension...
    so wat do i do..
    26 files are in:
    type of file: cfn-vcp and the lable like 1 to 23
    and 1 file in ppf file..
    first time i came across this file...
    others were always wif an iso which i wld burn and play...

    so please do help me out here


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    im not quite sure what your question is but no you cant play ps2 games on your pc (yet)

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    type of file: cfn-vcp and the lable like 1 to 23
    are the labeled ones rar or zip or ace files? if u don't have winrar, winzip or winace installed, install those 3 progs, because they not only help with extracting games and stuff, but they also help with big projects that u don't want fit on like 5 cds. neways, the labeled ones, if they are rar/zip/ace files, just right click on the first one which would be cfn-vcp1 or cfn-vcp001, and click extract here, an iso, bin+cue, or folder should extract to the folder that has th cfn-vcp files in it. sorry i can' t be of much help, i don't have a ps2, i have a modded xbox so i just copy the games to a 120 gb hdd in the xbox via a router. i'll look into this, pm the site u dl it from.

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