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Thread: Trackers With Paladin Press Type Books And Videos?

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    Are there any private trackers that have Paladin Press
    style things? They sell a lot of stuff related to self defense,
    survival, weapons, and other interesting stuff. Their website
    is: hxxp://


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    i found 2 torrents at BitMe:

    - Paladin Press: The Slow Poisoning of America - by John E Erb & T Michelle Erb - Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Obesity, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Headaches and Migraines, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, MSG, Fluoride, Aspartame
    - Paladin Press - How to Hide Anything

    Edit: Demonoid FTW!

    here is what i found there:

    Paladin Press: 21 Techniques of Silent Killing - Master Hei Long
    Paladin Press: Black Medicine - The Dark Art of Death - N Mashiro
    Paladin Press: Dim-Mak Death-Point Striking - Erle Montaigue
    Paladin Press: Dragon's Touch (exerpt) - Hei Long
    Paladin Press: Fairbairn Combative Stick Method
    Paladin Press: Kill or Get Killed (1991) - Rex Applegate - FMFRP 12-80
    Paladin Press: Kill Without Joy (The Compleat How To Kill Book) - John Minnery
    Paladin Press: The Death Dealer's Manual - Bradley Steiner
    Paladin Press: Poor Mans James Bond (Volumes 1, 2, 3, & 4)
    Paladin Press: Renaissance Swordsmanship : The Illustrated Use of Rapiers and Cut-and-Thrust Swords by John Clements
    Paladin Press: Bladesmithing books by Jim Hrisoulas
    - Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way To Perfection
    - Master Bladesmith: Advanced Studies in Steel
    - Pattern-Welded Blade: Artistry In Iron
    Paladin Press: The Home Workshop Guns Series by Bill Holmes (Complete)
    Paladin Press: US Fleet Marine Force Field Training Manual - Destruction by Demolition, Incendiaries and Sabotage
    Paladin Press: illustrated secrets of lock picking
    Paladin Press: expedient B&E tactics and techniques for bypassing alarms and defeating locks
    Paladin Press: Do-It-Yourself Black Powder
    Paladin Press: Art of the Rifle - Jeff Cooper
    Paladin Press: Breaking and Entering A-Z [video]
    Paladin Press: Zips Pipes and Pens (Improvised Weaponry)
    Paladin Press: Driving Skills and Evasion Techniques [video]
    Paladin Press: Secrets Of The Ninja - Ashida Kim
    Paladin Press: Bazooka- How to Build Your Own
    Paladin Press: Sneak It Through- Smuggling Made Easier
    Paladin Press: The Home workshop .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle [video]
    Paladin Press: Secrets Of Lockpicking
    Paladin Press: The Most Dangerous Game - Ragnar Benson
    Paladin Press: How to Hide Anything

    + 2 Paladin Press pack:

    1st PACK

    DEFENCE/21 Techniques of Silent Killing-Long, Hei Master (Paladin Press).pdf
    DEFENCE/Martial Arts - Hitman - Banned Book - Paladin Press.pdf
    DEFENCE/Paladin Press - Mashiro, N (Ph D) Black Medicine I - The Dark Art Of Death(1978)Lotb.pdf
    DEFENCE/Wing Chung Kung Fu - History,Philosophy,Dim Mak,Proper Breathing, And Dummy Techniques.pdf
    DEFENCE/Wing Chung- History,Philosophy,Dim Mak,Proper Breathing, And Dummy Techniques.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/(ebook - military) Viet Cong Boobytraps by Kurt
    EXPLOSIVES/(ebook Survivalists Engineering) explosives and demolitions manual.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/(Ebook) Paladin Press-US Army Counter Sniper Guide.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/- Paladin Press - Farrel, Bic - Backyard Rocketry - Converting Model Rockets Into Explosive Missi.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Anarchy - Paladin Press - Black Book Companion - State-Of-The-Art Improvised Munitions.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Blackbook Companion Published By Paladin Press (1995).pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Cia Explosives For Sabotage Manual Paladin Press 1987.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Death By Deception - Advanced Improvised Booby Traps - Jo Jo Gonzales (Paladin Press).pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Ebook - Paladin Press - Improvised Explosives By Seymore
    EXPLOSIVES/Explosive Principles by Sickler (Paladin Press).pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Holmes,Bill - Poor Man's James Bond 3, Silencers -- Paladin Press.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Homemade C4 - A Recipe for Survival - Ragnar Benson (Paladin Press).pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Kitchen Improvised Fertilizer Explosives.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Loompanics, The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories Ebook-Jelly.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Making Plastic Explosives.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Nbk2000 explosives and poisons guide.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Paladin Press - 1993 - Magician's Arsenal, Professional Tricks Of The Trade - ISBN 0873647416 - 1.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Paladin Press - Kurt.Saxon.-.The.Poor.Mans.James.Bond.-.Vol2.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Paladin Press - William Wallace - The Revised Black Book - A Guide to Field Manufactured Explosiv.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Paladin Press Anarchy Cookbook 2000 By Louis Helm Iii.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Ragnar Benson - Homemade etonators.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Wallace - Fmx - The Revised Black Book (Paladin Press).pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/Zips, Pipes, And Pens - Arsenal of Improvised Weapons - J. David Truby (Paladin Press).pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/[Explosives.and.Weapons] Ragnar Benson - Homebuilt Claymore Mines.pdf
    EXPLOSIVES/[Paladin Press] Ragnar Benson - New and Improved C-4.pdf
    LOCKS/Improvised Lock Picks (Formerly Police Guide To Lockpicking) - Jelly.pdf
    LOCKS/Misc - Paladin Press - Illustrated Secrets Of Lockpicking.pdf
    LOCKS/Paladin Press - Expedient B&E_ Tactics and Techniques for Bypassing Alarms and Defeating Locks (H.pdf
    LOCKS/The Complete Guide To Lockpicking Loompanics.pdf
    MISC/Cannabis Grow Bible.pdf
    MISC/HAYDUKE, George - ''Make'em Pay - Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster''.doc
    MISC/HAYDUKE, George - ''Make'em Pay - Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster''.PDF
    MISC/Paladin Press - Secrets Of A Super
    MISC/THe National Locksmith - Guide to Manipulation.pdf
    MISC/The Sling For Sport & Survival - Jelly.pdf
    MISC/Ultra Baby Homebuilt Airplane Plans.pdf
    SURVIVAL/Ebook - Paladin Press - Hayduke, George - ''Make'Em Pay - Ultimate Revenge
    SURVIVAL/HAYDUKE, George - ''Make'em Pay - Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster''.txt
    SURVIVAL/Marijuana - The Cannabis Grow Bible.pdf 8.22 MB
    SURVIVAL/Paladin Press - 1993 - Magician's Arsenal, Professional Tricks Of The Trade - ISBN 0873647416 - 1.pdf
    SURVIVAL/Paladin Press - CIA Field-Expedient Key Casting Manual.pdf
    SURVIVAL/Paladin Press - How to Hide Anything.pdf
    SURVIVAL/Paladin Press How To Win In Hand To Hand Fighting I Excellent Copy.pdf
    SURVIVAL/Survival - Paladin Press - Ragnar Benson - Mantrapping.pdf
    SURVIVAL/Trickshop - Pickpocketing For Magicians (Eddie Joseph).pdf
    SURVIVAL/Understanding Surveillance Technologies Spy Devices Their Origins and Applications.pdf
    SURVIVAL/[Paladin Press] Benson, Ragnar - The Modern Survival Retreat - A New and Vital Approach to Retrea.pdf

    2nd PACK

    Explosives and Weapons - Homeworkshop Firearms - The 50 Caliber Rifle.pdf
    Explosives and Weapons - Homeworkshop Firearms Vol1 - The Submachine Gun.pdf
    Firearms - blueprint - SMG_Do-It-Yourself.pdf
    Firearms - Hayduke, George - Silent But Deadly - More Homemade Silencers From Hayduke The Master.pdf
    Firearms - Hill, Gary - .45 Minuteman SMG.pdf
    Firearms - Hollenback, George M - Workbench Silencers - The Art Of Improvised Designs.pdf
    Firearms - Home Workshop Mini 14 Silencers.pdf
    Firearms - Homeworkshop Vol2 - The Handgun.pdf
    Firearms - Improvised Mini Machine Pistol.pdf
    Firearms - Luty, P A - Edpedient Homemade Firearms The 9mm Submachine Gun.pdf
    Firearms - McLean, Don - Do-It-Yourself Gunpowder Cookbook.pdf
    Firearms - Ramos, J M - The Remington 1100 Exotic Weapon System.pdf
    Firearms - The Revolver Knife Design.pdf
    Firearms - Wilson, Nolan - The Silencer Cookbook - .22 Rimfire Silencers.pdf
    Gale Encyclopedia of Espionage.rar
    The HitMan Banned HandBook.pdf
    [Explosives.and.Weapons] Homeworkshop Firearms Vol1 - The Submachine Gun.pdf
    [Explosives.and.Weapons] Homeworkshop Firearms Vol2 - The Handgun.pdf
    [Explosives.and.Weapons] Homeworkshop Firearms Vol4 - The 9mm Machine Pistol.pdf
    Paladin Press - How to Hide Anything.pdf
    Contents of Poor Man's James Bond/
    Poor man's James Bond Volume 1.pdf
    Poor man's James Bond Volume 2.pdf
    Poor man's James Bond Volume 3.pdf
    Poor man's James Bond Volume 4.pdf
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    WOW, thanks! Its been a while since I logged on
    to Demonoid but my account still works. I sometimes
    forget about Demonoid but for older stuff and some
    hard to find stuff the site is like Old Faithful.



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