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Thread: New Meatloaf Album, Limp Bizkit, And Obie Trice

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    Does anybody have the new Meatloaf album "Couldn't Have Said It Better?" I also need "Cheers" by Obie Trice, and "Results May Vary" by Limp Bizkit. I really do want Meatloaf though.

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    I got all these tracks on KaZaa weeks ago just type the artist and album in the search,I did have too redown some as them sound wasn't good OR try the normal sites should be there on one at least.

    A-Z watch some for the "pop" ups. - BE QUICK ALOT OF THESE GO OFF LINE FAST.

    These can be slow but are mainly FAST downloads - EXCELLENT site updates nearly every day 90% WMA files "German site"
    Then hit1, 2, 3, 4or5 at the bottom - then "alden" ALBUMS
    The site is quick and slow for downloads depends where the album is coming from.

    After you will need "Extract" to unlock the jpegs,known as" Barabbas File Extract"
    which you will find under "Utilities" on Kazaa.
    When file is a "rar" unlock as normal with Winrar.
    PASSWORD is the sitename - "mp3jewels"

    I only go for the "Anti-leech" won't JOIN Yahoo.


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