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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] 2x FTM Invite

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    It's your chance to be a member of a rare music tracker, they had uploaded a lot of torrents but everything was removed due the problems with the site etc..

    Anyway they gave 2 invites to everyone so I am giving it away

    We just gave all 2 invites.Please use these to invite your friends!
    Invites will be active only 5 days.You must give the invite code to your friends if they wish to signup.
    This system works in 100%, so don't worry about any issues.
    We know that we lost users we hope that you guys can help us and invite good users!
    Now you can giveaway them everywhere but don't post the url!
    If we catch anyone trading/selling, its an insta-ban.
    1. No Traders
    2. Why do you want this invite so badly ?
    3. Screenshot of your ratio from 2 sites (SCC, SCT, TL, RevTT, ScL, BMTV, IPT, SceneHD only)
    4. You have more chance if you have a seedbox


    Holy shit stop the pm's, THE SITE URL HAS NOT BEEN CHANGED!!
    Site is working fine and if not try this: www.youknowthesitename.youknow/index.php to your link
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