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Thread: Core i7 is one percent of all Intel Consumer CPUs

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    Core i7 is one percent of all Intel Consumer CPUs
    Tuesday, 10 February 2009 10:25

    Written by Fuad Abazovic

    We knew that Core i7 is not selling particularly well, but we expected it should account for than one percent of totally CPU sales in the consumer market.

    According to Intel internal data, Core i7 CPU is currently one percent of Intel OEM guidance for Consumer market, and the worst part is that throughout 2009, Intel has no plans to gain more market with it.

    To paint you the picture, once Lynnfield and Clarkdale launch in Q4 2009, they are expected to jump to ten percent of total shipments within one quarter after launch.

    Core 2 Quad 45nm codenamed Yorkfield will remain the most important and best selling quad-core for Intel. Intel expects that nine percent of Q1 2009 consumer OEM sales will be Core 2 Quad 45nm, in Q2 2009 the sales will grow to 10 percent, in Q3 2009 to 12 percent and in Q4 2009 it should drop to ten percent to make some more space for Lynnfield quad core, mainstream Nehalem CPU.

    The sad part is that Core i7 is the fastest CPU on the market, but at the same time, it is made around the most expensive platform on the world, and this is not something many consumers appreciate in dodgy economy times.

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