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Thread: Problems with joining files?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm having some trouble. I have downloaded a certain file and am having trouble extracting it. Firstly, I have downloaded and repaired it with Quickpar so that worked. Then when I try to join it, I keep getting errors.

    Firstly, this is what the folder with the files look like at the moment:

    Then, when i try extracting with 7-zip, i get this:

    And when I try extracting with winrar, i get this:

    Unexpected end of archive
    What am i doing wrong? In the first image, I have highlighted some sort of "Internet telephony" file because i'm not sure what it is and it is the only file in there. Is this a special file of some sort?

    There are about 360 parts to this file, and this internet telephone file is part 323; all other files are zip.000 files. Would this be causing the error?

    I've been trying to fix this for 8 hours and i'm stumped!

    Any help....please....

    NOTE: I have blacked out the names of the file for my own safety. I hope you understand

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    Usually you have to join the files before you extract them when the file names are like that.

    Try to download this join the files and extract after that.

    That telephone thingie (323) is just because the file extension is identified as something else by Windows.
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