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Thread: Gerald Houlier......

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    Doe's anyone else think that monsieur Gerald Houlier is a bit of an ass for calling Lucas Neil a "coward" and for calling Greame Souness "Pathetic" for apologising for the horrible tackle against Jamie Carrager!

    Has he got short term memory loss or what???
    Ask yourself this,
    Who doe's more "horrific" tackles in the premiership than a certain Liverpool player called Steven Gerard??? no-one!!!!

    I agree the tackle was bad but Houlier should get his own house in order first!!!!
    He should keep his mouth shut before Steven Gerard makes him look stupid And lets see if he wants a rule change for longer bans then!!!!

    Talk about the pot and the kettle

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    Is this Potan Kettol a Croatian?
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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    1. houllier is an ass for calling graemme pathetic, but he is spot on about that idiot lucas neill . 2. lucas neill is a total ass 3. gerrard may be a bit of an ass at times, but he never done a tackle like that crazy lunatic lucas neill. 4. players who tackle like that should be banned more than 3 silly games. I hope jamie carragher sues him blind because it was an idiotic challenge. Because of that idiot we now got 2 and not 1 player out for 6 months

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    I agree with you "Horror" but i just hope Houllier says the same when (not if!!&#33
    Steven Gerard doe's the same kind of tackle!

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    if a player does a tackle like lucas neuill did, the manager ois a complete idiot if they defend the player. But it is a real bolt out of the blue if it is done by someone who rarely tackles in their life. It remind me of the time when shearer got sent off, and rightfully it got threw out. sometimes the referee doesn't help. but thankfully the referee in the blackburn liverpool game did act quick.


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