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Thread: Friday.night.3d.pool-deviance

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                    Friday Night 3D Pool © Global Star Software

      CD Count.......: 1 CD                          Date...........: 09/2003             
      Protection.....: -

        Support the software companies. If you play this game BUY it!

                            *** Release Information ***

        Game Notes:
        Play your favorite variation of pool in three unique 3D environments
        in this ultra-realistic representation of this world renowned game.
        Rise through the rankings and move from playing in your basement all
        the way to competing in professional tournaments as you use the game's
        simple interface and real-world physics to your best advantage. From 8
        Ball to Snooker, this game has something for everyone!

        Game Features:
        - Beautiful graphics featuring a fully-rendered 3D environment

        - Easy-to-use interface will have you playing in minutes

        - Over 70 computer opponents, each with their own skill levels and
          playing style

        - In-depth statistics complete with player ratings for both you and
          your opponents

        - Choose between three classic games: 8 Ball, 9 Ball or Snooker

        - Jukebox option lets you choose your own background music: Everything
          from jazz to classical to dead silence!

        - Game play customization enables you to adjust important controls
          like cue strike sensitivity and add or remove features like shot

        Install Notes:
        1) Unrar with WinRAR.
        2) Burn the .bin and .cue with Nero Burning Rom.
        3) Install.
        4) And then play :-)
    CD1 BIN:
    Length:125657952 Bytes, 122712KB

    CD1 CUE:
    Length:74 Bytes, 0KB

    Length:5785 Bytes, 5KB


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    wrong file... and its by deviance


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