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Thread: Writing problem

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    Hi I have a problem while writing DVD...I assemble a new system, and I connected ASUS DVD WR... but it was fine for few days, 1 fine day I uninstall the NERO then I try to install NERO 8, while installing one of my friend gave cancel, after that I installed NERO 7 it install, the problem is if I open it giving donít send report and it will disappear..I am not able to open and write, so could any buddy know how to solve rally I am great full for them...

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    Maybe try Nero uninstall tool then reinstall Nero .
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    why don't you try imgburn free, simple and powerful app... try it

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    k i will try it and tell you the result...

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    Quote Originally Posted by micropino View Post
    why don't you try imgburn free, simple and powerful app... try it
    +1 from me...
    ImgBurn is a "must have" for your PC.
    Install it, and you will have no worries from now on.


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