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Thread: Wwe Raw 2 Boxart And Disc

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    the front is shit if u want to see it tho its on now its time for ol' stone cold to go play raw 2 w00t

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    Why didn't you just take the cover out of the DVD case and scan that instead of the whole case?

    You could see the whole thing and the boxart would have had smaller dimensions/file size then.

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    cause i didnt take the pics

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    I played that game today at gamestop I didn't like it cause it didn't show any controller configuration and it was gay to me cause I know how to play but I couldn't throw them into the rope do the special or nothing.

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    yeah the controls get some taking use to but it gets better .... the creating a wrestler has a shitload of customization and i read u will spend hours sitting there making a guy and not even realize how long it took


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