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Thread: Dvd2mpeg

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    I know that I'm not supposed to be asking for these, but I went to all the links on the kazaalite site, and I couldn't find a key.

    I found one, but it doesn't work.(The one by Proximus). Whenever you type in a fake key 3 times, it says a message about piracy and that they will send you a warning email.

    I would like one that for sure works Anything would be a real help. If you don't have it, do you at least know where i could find it?

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    somebody has to have it.

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    Well I found the 1.9 key(the latest 1). DOes anyone have any idea when the 2.0 one will be out? Cuz thats the one I need

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    No. That one is for the 1.8 version. how long does it usually take for a serial to come out after the release of the product?


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