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Thread: How do you download??

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    Hi everyone. My name's Izz and I'm new to this forum. I don't think this thread is in the ryt category as I ddn't know where this post would belong. So m just studyin how everyfin works here lol.

    Btw, can anyone help me w/ downloading please. I don't know how to download. I really want to start downloading... Can someone tell me step by step what to do......and how to download it in best quality. How to get P2Ps and Azerus or Vuze.

    Thanks alot

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    I have the same problem

    the key problem is how to fill the server adress?

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    well not sure if you know this but you cant download anything from here, this is just a information site so you wanna find a public tracker like pirate bay and start from there(then get onto private sites). im sure theres loads of tutorials on downloading on here but heres one for az h**p:// . so jsut grab az goto a torrent site download .torrent file open it with az and download. if u want top quality only get screeners-r5-dvdrips and stay away from cams(though some are good).its simples
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    Actually they can download nzb's from here if they subscribe to newsgroups.


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