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Thread: Questions To Make Myself Safe

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    1. How do I use the blocked IP list in ZoneAlarm ?
    2. Do I need to use PeerGuardian even though I have a firewall ?
    3. What ports do I need to disable in ZoneAlarm ?
    3. I use Bittorrent also and I heard that with the new experimental BT client, you can see all the IPs of people who are downloading/uploading from you. What measures do I need to take to make sure that sharing on bittorrent is also safe ?

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    1. Not sure about a blocked IP address in ZoneAlarm it just catches attempts into your computer
    2. Yeah, u can never be to safe PeerGaurdian is kind of like ZoneAlarm it's kind of like a firewall except it works for Kazaa-lite so whatever floats your boat.
    3. I don't know about disabling port in ZoneAlarm either
    3(4.) Yes, it's true u can see the ip's there is really nothing to stop the from seeing it so don't worry yourself.

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    1. It's really difficult...I tried it and gave up.
    2. Peerguardian is ineffective.
    3. Disable all ports (should do it automatically) except the ones you need open (should do it automatically).
    4. You can see someone else's IP in any p2p program (less a proxy or bouncer)...try it! Download a song and in the process go to start->run->type command->At the prompt type netstat and hit enter...that will show the IP's of all computers connected to yours.

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    ok, since proxy is the only way to hide your IP from seen by people, how do I use proxy with Bittorrent ?

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    You can never be safe, no matter what you do.

    Just forget about it.

    Peerguardian and all that crap doesn't help you

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    well using a better firewall would help such as BlackICE or Sygate Personnel Firewall

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    i'd rather just lessen my kazaa use untill the heat dies down....


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