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Thread: Champions League

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    i didn't actually watch it fully but i was glad the british teams all won, especially my tip to win it, chelsea. Man utd of course didn't have any competition and not a surprise to me they thrash panathinaikos 5-0. But then my local team , Sheffield United(up the blades ) won 5-0 over rotherham. overall a good night for me. It just a pity liverpool were not playing as well.

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    Well I don't believe it another Blades fan that's great. been a Blades fan for 40 yrs used to live about mile. 1/2 from the lane ,I saw Man utd second half thought it was crap the job had been done in the first half.SUFC will win promotion this season providing Warnock plays Peschisolido more often, Lester & Ward have to prove themselves not convinced with there career so far.cheers Blade

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    my first team is liverpool, but i have always supported united. That team at hillsborough will and i repeat will not go up via automatic promotion. there is more chance of rushenden and diamnonds doing that. be lucky if that team in hillsborough get top six, very suspect defence wise for me. As for the skilly blades top two is a must, no more messing around with the farcical playoffs. wolves go up and done shite. hopefully the blades will replace those losers in the premiership, and my first team liverpool will actually start playing football. go on owen, go on the blades

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    just like to also add, arsenal were toal shite against inter milan. they aint got a cat in hells chance of winning the champions league. As for celtic, unlucky or what, what a fluke winner for munich
    Bring us nicely to the big sunday game at old trafford.
    1. if go by form man utd should beat arsenal with ease
    2. surely arsenal can not play as bad as they did against inter
    3. somehow i expect the game to be close, but i fancy a nice 2-2 draw

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    just seen the highlights of the games. Looked a good game at juventus, and Arsenal, where was the defence on all 3 goals?

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    I do, I do, even though I live on mars. Man, the picture is just a little flickering. I think i need a bigger antenna.

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    it might help sufc if he does use peschisolido more, because i doubt brown will have a season like last one. we need tonge, brown , undlovu, and peschisolido all on their game, and no team in division 1 will stop us. Promotion is a must, but the title would be more sweeter.

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    totally agree mate come on you Blades

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    cardiff on saturday, must stop earnshaw. if we can do that be a simple 3 points for the blades. as for my first team liverpool, i will not be happy if they not beat leicester. leicester, who the hell are they. a nice 3-0 win for the pool and the blades will do me very nicely indeed

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    send earnshaw to the dentist & that's him sorted.we should beat Cardiff 2-1 up the blades

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