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Thread: Converting To Svcd

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    I am trying to convert avi files to svcd. when i do, i get an mpeg file. but if i download an svcd file, i get 5 folders named CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT, VCD. so why is it that if i download a svcd movie i get the 5 files that will work on my dvd player but if i convert a movie from avi to svcd i get an mpeg format that will not work on my dvd player?

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    U could have put this in the regular movieworld but those five files are the burned svcd files those are all the file it puts there while burning if u encode a .mpeg from a .avi file u have to use a burning software program to burn it as vcd or svcd then once it's finished u can look at the cd on the computer and u will see it has the same files and can be watched on your dvd player. So just burn it as vcd or (S)vcd


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