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Thread: Fallout 3, would you consider this "cheating"?

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    Col. Skillz's Avatar Bacco,Tabacco,Venere
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    I'm currently level 10 with 90 points in small guns, but i was thinking of hacking the console and bumping up energy weapons and big guns to 90 as well, this way i can effectivly change playstyles whenever i feel like it. running around with a shotgun/assualt rifle is starting to bore me and makes me curious as to what the other weapon types are like.

    I don't like playing games thru more than once in a short period of time, and don't think that bumping up my other weapon skills would really give me an unfair advantage, just allow me a larger range of weapons. if anything it might work against me because id be tempted to carry more guns = more weight

    I've always ahted that about certian games, I like being able to try out all the weapons at full potential
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    SonsOfLiberty's Avatar The Lonely Wanderer
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    You can use any weapon regardless of skill...and yes that would be for me cheating, no fun in can pick up skill books and bobelheads to max out your stats to 100, so never put points in your stats to 100 you'll be wasting in...

    Here's a great, great info tool, everything you need to know about Fallout 3, it can even help you with the leveling,places,weapons,armor,secrets, and about anything else that is in the game.


    If you can grab the Operation Anchorage DLC on too, that way you can get power armor training early and get some cool items add the end, shock sword, power armor (that doesn't damage, it does but not much, and a chinese stealth suit (BA!)....

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    I think its up you , you paid for the game . I'd rather play again on easy than use a cheat .

    I still remember Oblivianisathand for the first Turok and big mistake as you miss all the challenges .

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    You should had thought about it before you you've inputted most of your points in small guns...

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    I personally played through twice. Once good with normal guns, the second time evil with laser weapons. Maybe consider that?


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