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Thread: Regsupreme 1.0 From The Author Of The

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    RegSupreme is a new generation standalone registry cleaner. It not yet another registry cleaner wrapped to a new eye candy but a real innovation, it reshapes the whole concept of registry cleaning.
    The key features
    - It's standalone - No bells and whistles, just a registry cleaner and an integrated backup tool which automatically creates backups on everything you modify.
    - It's amazingly fast - RegSupreme scans the entire registry up to 400% faster than jv16 PowerTools!
    - It's lightweight - The program with all the documentation is delivered to you in single file less than 500 KB, the program itself is only about 250 KB.
    - It's more accurate than ever - RegSupreme can find even the most well hidden errors and invalid date from your computer's registry, even better than jv16 PowerTools.
    Limitations: 30-day trial

    Me.S. Any working kg ir s*r**l etc. PM me with link. License dat from jv16 DOESN'T work. Thanks.

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    Anybody got this?
    BTW This was buried on the 3rd page of requests. So I get a pm about this from a n00b with ZERO posts. Suspicious, yes.


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