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Thread: Kimsufi Dedicated Server

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    I am thinking of buying the Kimsufi L server from

    Just woundering if it would be a good choice for a seedbox?

    also is the speed really 100mbps becuase it says at the bottom Limit and excess (monthly)
    Bandwidth at 95%:
    OVH to Internet 8 Mbps

    what does this mean?

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    I don't know what it means but OVH will cap the box after you upload around 6 TB. After that, you will get 8 mbps speed, i.e. 1 MB/s upload speed. If you don't need much more than 6 TB, then go for Kimsufi L. It is a very cheap seedbox.
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    thanks for the quick reply. I dont think i will be uploading 6tb a month, but can someone else confirm this is true?
    Also do they have any other fees like setup fee?
    and can i cancel after 1 month?

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    I have a box that has uploaded more than 6TB and is still normal priority. YMMV!
    kimsufi doesn't have setup fees.
    and yes, you can cancel (not renew) after one month.

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    i had i kimsufi l box when i started and found it very good i uploaded around 4 TB with no probs and i have now moved up to a 4XL kim box and am finding it great + go for the ubuntu desktop as its very easy to use as you will have to pay more for windows

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    I've a Kimsufi L server since almost a month ago and the bandwith count is 6TB

    No problems, upload speed normally 5mb/s and the fresh torrents on TL reach 10.5mb/s sometimes

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    If you take the cheapest package (kimsufi), what is the speed of the system? Does it then better to buy a larger package worth?

    What version of OS used on the cheapest package?

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    well i used kimsufi L months ago yeah there is some problems with it but not a big deal...
    you need to limit your download speed around 3.5-4 cuz its crashing but about upload you can get all max outgoing(11MBsn)
    as you know this is a celeron processor and 1 gb ram its good for one person i got 6 Tb total traffic(5 tb just upload) well i had problemes with a partner he just used nearly 5 days and got 500 gb download he dont know what mean of seedbox he was using as leechbox this is why my box got 1 tb download traffic after he fired i got nearly 200 gb download for a month and 5 tb upload) so everyone be careful when you will go with a partner....
    about os ppl can use ubuntu+wine+utorrent but if you want windows you need to pay extra

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    i just upgraded my kimsufi xl to a 4xl with 2 friends we split the cost if ur interested ill give u access "private" i wont be using it at all for a really cheap price i have it until march 7th

    if im allowed to do that lol im new here
    pm me if interested in trying that out before u commit and spend alot

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    thanks for all the responses. I think i am going to get it with Ubuntu. I am also running Linux mint on my pc, has anyone used linux to set up there server e.g using putty, vnc etc?
    I dont really want to switch back to windows

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