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Thread: Mafia Helppp

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    hey, durin the first missions till i reached to the airport mission, everythin was fine, but after that, tha game started goin slowly. Before that everythin was very smooth and nice. Ive got geforce mx440 and 512 mb ddr ram.

    also, do u know a site where i could find some downloads for MAfia (cars, patches and stuff)

    yeah and it's BETTER than vice city

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    You are not gonna get many replies here, I would sugges posting in the below link and ask a mod to move for you.

    As for your problem I rarley like to blame anything on a vid card, but this is an exception unfortunatley. I have the same card and cannot get past the first screen, I am actually gonna go right now and install on my 2k dual boot and see if any luck as I had successfully forgot about this game, until your reminded me of how much I wanna try it.

    However i have been on a incredible amount of pages/forums regarding this game and the one commanilaty was the geforce 4 MX 440 64MB card. Unfortunatley.

    I will let ya know if anything is diffrent on my 2k machine, if not I may even put my old ati card back in and see what happens. I was so happy that I forgot about this game cuz it my one failure.

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    tanx. i'll be witin for ur reply if u get anythin new
    cuz i really wann finish this game, and it sux having it go slowly

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    I am on my 2k machine installing right now, i will let you know in about 15-20 mins cuz I have not even installed my mouse on this OS yet. I really do not wanna get obsessed with this game again. So angry, I threw my keyboard, across my apartment.

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    if u find anythin can u email me at

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    Well no luck on the 2k box, so back to XP. However this is my new favorite game company, seems that in order to run it you need a codec pack that is not included with the game and it costs 15$. Good thing there is kazaa, try it out, if using XP

    Indeo XP codec pack

    BTW all responses are submitted to the board for the good of the board.

    EDIT: well I just tried everything over again - still crashes after all the intros, when the game is loading, the screen with picture of the gun. Just incase anyone else can think of anything here is a point form of what I have tried. I have done this in every order immaginable. BTW i originally got this from direct connect.

    -Patched to 1.1
    - Updated vid card drivers - I have used pretty much every one to no sucess.
    - Updated sound card drivers - again multiple versions.
    - Installed above mentioned codec.
    - Tried every version of direct X from 8.1 to 9b - currently using 9b
    - I have tried with my old ati rage 32MB i think but cannot remember so i will try again.
    - I even have tried diffrent mice, as some games would not start with my old optical mousr, so went back to dirty old corded.
    - I have even tried on a fresh format, nothing else installed stil no luck.

    p4 2.0
    768DDR ram
    Geforce 4 MX440 64MBDDR
    Creative live value sound card (peice I know)

    That is all I guess. I suppose it could be a corrupt download, but I really do not think so. No errors on install.

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    Hi, I don't know if the problems lie with your computers, because I've played Mafia and finished it like months ago and I don't own such a big computer. The computer I've played it on has:

    PIII 800Mhz
    256 MB ram
    Rage Fury Pro/ Xpert 2000 pro graphics card and
    onboard sound (VIA Audio PCI controller)

    So, it's not a really big machine and I had problems with my video too. At least in the beginning. It was like I could see through walls, couldn't see other items that I had to pick up, and so on. After some searching I found a solution that worked for me. Go to setup of the mafia game, open the expert settings, disable w-buffer, save and exit and try the game. It worked perfectly for me, so give it a try.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

    And of course use the latest drivers for your graphics card.


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