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Thread: The Ultimate Media Player For File Sharing/trading

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    The Ultimate Media Player for File Sharing/Trading!

    Video and Audio Playback

    Plays ALL known video file types as good or better than any other player- including the original players.
    Play back files while they are being downloaded. Including KAZAA .DAT files
    Play back incomplete AVI/DIVX files without having to index any part more than once. (Uses AVIPREVIEW by AJ advanced technology version tweaked especially for iO.) Playback all or part of any video in Slo-Mo (a must for the "S' videos - Sports and Sex).
    Auto-Thumbnail videos or one click to thumbnail or full image capture (Right Mouse) any frame.
    Displays Incomplete Winmx files in list mode without all the garbage.
    Integrated with the incredible iO™ Media Manager/Organizer that makes organizing all your media files effortless (See Organizer Features below).
    Front ends Winamp and tracks playback inside of Winamp v. 2 and v. 3.
    Tracks last Play date and number of Plays for both audio and video which can be searched on and also allows you to see instantly whether a file has been seen or heard before.
    Fully remote controllable (using keyspan and/or keyboard).
    Two basic operating modes - Edit and Show gives you total control on how you interface to your media.
    Permanently set the following attributes for each video:

    Playback Speed.
    Number of Loops.
    Playback Size in a window.
    Playback Size in Full Screen.
    Start Point and End Point (eliminates annoying banners during playback).
    Auto-resume Auto Interrupt and resume - while a video/Audio is playing, simply drag another file into the playback window and when you exit that file, your original file will resume playing.
    All preferences can be set system wide or at the folder level including:

    Forward and backward skip time for both large and small videos.
    Type of Window mode sizing.
    Video Popup behavior.
    Default playback size for Window and full screen.
    And more!
    And that's just the beginning! - Integrated to iO Organizer

    Has been referred to as Explorer on Steroids!
    Download folders are automatically updated if open and always in order.
    Single Click Multiple Folder Playlist creation using Exclusive iOrganizer Wizard
    One Button media type filtering.
    Local folder 3 way searching (highlight one at a time, all at once, or show only).
    The most extensive data attributing/Search system of any media product on the market
    Most recent folders list for quick access.
    Fully Multi-Screen capable (one monitor controls play and file choosing, the other plays full screen).
    Create custom playlist orders by drag and drop right in your windows folders
    Multiple auto format list column headers by major media type within each folder - completely customizable.
    All this power within an interface that takes minutes to start using because all this is done into YOUR Existing Windows Folders - no massive data base to build or maintain, no copying of media - simple quick and direct!

    iO™ uses a unique way to manage and playback your media - there is no open folder function - the iO™ Media Manager is always open and can be called and hidden using just the TAB key - a much more powerful way to enjoy your media! Now you can be playing one video or audio file while your are looking for the next file to play.

    What the iO™ Media Player does not do: Play or Rip Normal DVD's and Audio CDs (you already own a player/ripper for those tasks).

    Too bad is shareware.If i found a + i will put a hash link.

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    cheers shared, i'll have a bash at this one - i dont normally bother with the player trends

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    sorry but I hate this program !! its been out for ages, it is AVIpreview with extra's also build by the same guy who build AVIpreview!

    just use the tweaked AVIpreview that is included in kazaa lite K++ because I think that one is even better as the IOplayer!

    AND ITS around 30/40MB when installed, so I prefer my 200Kb tweaked AVIpreview !!

    (if you dislike AVIpreview try VIDEOLAN &#33

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    AND ITS around 30/40MB when installed

    Downloaded 10 mb ONLY!

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    From AviPreview site:

    An upgrade for "AVIPreview by AJ" is here!
    iO™ Media Player - a must upgrade for "AVIPreview by AJ" users. If you like "AVIPreview by AJ" you will love IO™ Media Player. If you miss something in "AVIPreview by AJ" I bet you will find this in a vast array of features available in IO™ Media Player. Moreover, you will find features you never even thought of. Try IO™ Media Player for free, it will change the way you manage your media:

    The first media player made with  the File Sharing Community in mind

    The first player with "AVIPreview by AJ" seamlessly integrated into its core.

    Has most features lacking in "AVIPreview by AJ", just to name few:

    Index caching: dramatically increases index regeneration speed. You never have to re-index your partial download again.

    Auto-Thumbnail videos, browse you media folders with instant preview. Do not heart your eyes reading those long file names, look and deal with pictures instead.

    Pick your own snapshot for each video, if you want.

    Advanced video playback control

    Fully remote controllable (using keyspan and/or keyboard).

    Slow/fast playback, you never miss a thing now

    Use any zoom ratio you need

    Remembers you playback preferences (including stop time) for each video. Playback starts at the instant you finished during the last session

    And this is just a beginning. I work close with the IO™ Media Player development team and can assure you that we are dedicated to make it even better. New exciting features will be added on a regular basis. Click on the banner below and get your free trial copy of IO™ Media Player!

    So,i don't think that creator of AviPreview let some litlle programmers to make a mess with his software.

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    Crack founded ,send me a pm.

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    Originally posted by sharedholder@17 September 2003 - 13:26
    Crack founded ,send me a pm.
    looks good sh, as you said you did it again

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    Every thing is cool about that player, the only drawback is that i cant FAST FORWARD movies using the progress bar in the control window

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    Excellent find sharedholder, can I have the crack. B)

    PM is sent.


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    Originally posted by Cygnuz-Y@17 September 2003 - 20:36
    Every thing is cool about that player, the only drawback is that i cant FAST FORWARD movies using the progress bar in the control window
    ok my reaction was a bit excessively but why 'buy' a player when you don't need it??
    AVIprevies is good enough so I don't get it why we should use this player?
    (myself I use Videolan because It also supports other formats to preview)

    Can someone give me a reason to start using it?

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