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Thread: Question:is there some excellent Italian music trackers?

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    As the title....if full of Flac it'is even better
    I don't know more Italian than "Ciao!"
    and generel music trackers rarely have Italian any Introduction?
    lately I'm listening to paola&chiara,and daniele stefani.
    thanks in adv

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    any suggestions?

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    emule does work...but only mp3
    I'm seeking some flac or ape.
    thanks for replying
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    I have them...but the collection is not very complete.
    so I'm looking for a specific Italian tracker.

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    there yah go, my friend.

    flacs + mp3s.

    La password deve contenere una mescolanza di lettere maiuscole e minuscole e di numeri.
    ---- google translate -----
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    thank you...

    The password must contain a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers
    It does take a lot to read a Italian webpage

    why automerged....I don't like that honestly

    I've taken awhile to browse it....but it seems to provide more English songs...
    so, any other tracker about Italian-Language songs?
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    seems it's not a popular topic...

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    i think are the best! and they have italian music!
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