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    Is there something wrong with the site? I cant log in anymore, my ratio was good also so I dont understand why I cant log in or sign up

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    They pruned accounts at the end of January and have been closed signups for a while. Oh, and the site is working fine.

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    I was looking for an invite to it for a while now, cant seem to find any GA for it at all.
    is the invite system open atm ? what kind of user classes have invites and can invite ppl ?
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    they will open invites when it reach, i think, 75 000 users. now it's 250 000. or something like that

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    from 250k to 75k , sounds like mission impossible to me....
    guess chances are very slim then....

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    So is there something we can do to login at this site. I've many unfinished torrents and I don't know what to do. When they cut me off I was seeding. Why they pruned accounts.
    Please tell if there is something I can do to reactive my account. Actually my account isn't deactivated because when I ask for a new password the site resend me a new one... That's weird....


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