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Thread: Best Rhyme

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    Spider_dude's Avatar cawk BT Rep: +4
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    Aug 2003
    under the sea
    whats your rhyming favorite lyric from a song.

    mine is from dizzee rascals album and its

    "fuck the glitz and glamour hit them with the blitzen hammer"

    there is also

    "i socialize in hackney and bow, i wear my trousers ridiculously low"

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    TheDave's Avatar n00b
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    Apr 2003
    yorkshire, england
    i dont wanna see a ghost, id rather eat some toast

    if you hate, your bound to get irate

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    mogadishu's Avatar {}"_++()_><.,{}}[":+
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    Jun 2003
    Jadakiss - Put ya Hands up.

    heres a little bit

    It&#39;s the J-A-D-A I got beef with the feds and the D-A
    I got footage in the game press replay
    I got bitches in the club all over me ma take it e-asy
    And y&#39;all scared I can tell
    and I&#39;ma get Buckss like Milwaukee cause like +Sam+ I +Can-sell+
    I&#39;m that nigga y&#39;all know that
    Bang you in tha yard then slide off on the early go back
    In the streets I flash the cannon like Kodak
    And I spray threes so say cheese
    Already told you I&#39;m lookin for enemies
    Double R so of course it&#39;s better
    I love cornrows and Farrah Fawcett feathers
    It&#39;s a message in a glass bottle read the letter
    Money in the bank membership Visa sweaters
    And we ride or d-i-e together
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    mogadishu's Avatar {}"_++()_><.,{}}[":+
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    Jun 2003
    a funny one..

    I got people scared as FUCK like when condoms break
    Or how your heart deals with eatin&#39; eighty pounds of steak
    So put your belly on a plate and watch your weight
    You frostin&#39; like a flake and Ludacris feels grrreat&#33;
    Who want come face me, face come want who?
    And women give me face until they&#39;re face turns blue
    They can&#39;t breathe, dick to mouth recessatation
    A tight squeeze witch stops the length to conversations
    I Playstations, duck cops and lose agents
    I&#39;m Doctor Love, I close curtains and fuck patients
    When I kick and rip and flip an indespensable rhyme
    My black ass is so hungry I&#39;ll take a bite out of crime
    And it&#39;ll hurt if I swallow, but even more if I choke
    Neighbors called the fire station off the blunt that I smoke
    You see I crush cowards, funerals I&#39;ll send flowers
    And I&#39;m on the overpass flick pennies at rush hour

    favorite line - my black ass is so funny, ill take a bite out of crime
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    sparsely's Avatar °¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°
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    Dec 2002
    static hum
    Originally posted by TheDave
    dont wanna see a ghost, id rather eat some toast...
    odd, cause my first thought for the most clever lyrical rhyme also contains a ghost and some toast...but it&#39;s a different song. and it&#39;s hard to say all in one breath, as it&#39;s done on the song..

    from Grandaddy - Ghost Of 1672

    there&#39;s a ghost
    and you&#39;re his host
    but you&#39;re never gonna knowwwwww
    stoves, ovens, radar ranges and electric things that can change egg yolks and bread into french toast...

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Jul 2003
    Australia N.S.W
    I used to love you now I don&#39;t care
    Now when I turn around your everywhere

    So You can Chew me Up and spit me out
    Your just a little Bitch I cared about

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    Celerystalksme's Avatar This Is My Clone BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    May 2003
    Cely Babes - God&#39;s Punishment...

    You know there has not been a day gone by
    Where I wish you’d just give up on life and die
    You belong where red is the colour of the sky
    And I don’t give a fuck whether you’re straight, lesbian or bi

    &copy; Celerystalksme 2003
    Its not my best but everyone i live with loves it cause they know who it is about...


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